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Add tags for "Can we still call God "Father"?: a woman looks at the Lord's Prayer today". Be the first. “Our Father” is an address to a God who has maternal characteristics and can be imaged as Mother. “Our Father” is an address to a God Can We Still Call God Father? book places the oppressive powers under his feet.

“Our Father” is a call to a God who promises to never fail us. “Our Father”, is a statement of ultimate allegiance by the Christ follower. Jesus called God His Father, which was for many Jews a kind of blasphemy because who could call God his father except one who was generated by the Father.

This is precisely why we can call God our father, because He is the Creator, the creator of each and every one of us. In a certain sense, the word father is a metaphor for generator, the creator.

I read a book about a muslim woman who came to the Lord and referred to God as "Daddy" when she described her conversion and how it related to her own earthly father and how she came to know Christ as THE one true God the father, but her story was compelling and powerful, and she didn't use the term as most people here in the US do.

In Exoduswe are commanded by God to honor our "father and mother." Jesus says, in Matthewto call no one father except God. Jesus was speaking in a biological sense in Exodus In MatthewHe was speaking about ecclesiastical superiority.

Faced with a God who is infinite in any way, we find that we very quickly run out of words to describe him, or even thoughts to conceive of him.

Yet even though we cannot even understand how holy he is or how loving he is, even though we can't even address him properly as father or daddy because he is so much more than either of those, he still. All these titles were memorized, and the term Father was not among them. The first Jewish rabbi to call God “Father” directly was Jesus of Nazareth.

It was a radical departure from tradition, and in fact, in every recorded prayer we have from the lips of Jesus save one, he calls God “Father.”. Because we have been adopted into God’s family, we are privileged to call him “Abba, Father.” The word abba is an Aramaic word, one that was used by Jesus himself and echoed in the earliest Christian community, which spoke Aramaic (a language close to Hebrew).

Abba was a word used by children for their father, something like “daddy. F or at least the past 40 years, traditional language for God has come under fire. While formal feminist theologians disagree about what language to. Still, if we look at how God revealed himself to us in the Old Testament (Jeremiah ) and how Jesus, Can We Still Call God Father?

book Word incarnate (), addressed God in prayer (Matthew ), we can see that God is indeed our good father (Psalm ) The idea of a Heavenly Mother is a core belief of World Mission Society Church of God. All these titles were memorized, and the term Father was not among them.

The first Jewish rabbi to call God “Father” directly was Jesus of Nazareth. It was a radical departure from tradition, and in fact, in every recorded prayer we have from the lips of Jesus save one, He calls God “Father.”.

But of course, the inverse is the truer statement: We humans, made in God’s image, male and female, are like God (Gen. 1), created to be in relationship with our Maker and each other. All. Answer: It would be confusing for God to give the fifth commandment in Exodus “Honor your father and your mother” and then later restrict us from calling our earthly father “father.” Matthew states, “And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father.

Why do we address God as “Father,” instead of “Mother”. Well, because that is what Jesus did, and as Christians we don’t have an independent relationship with God; we participate in Jesus’ relationship.

Over the years I have heard a number of people object, “But Jesus only did that because of the patriarchal nature of ancient cultures” – the underlying assumption being that. Summary. In the Old Testament, God is the Father of Israel (and Israel is his son) in the context of God forgiving and redeeming Israel.

While the Jews of Jesus’s day were hesitant to call God their Father (and angry at Jesus for doing so), Jesus claimed God as his Father and taught his followers to do the same.

There are so many names we call God, and so many ways we can recognize him. We may call him Jehovah Jireh, the God who may refer to him as Jehovah Shalom, the God of Peace. We can also call our spiritual forefathers like Abraham or Jacob (John ) father because they are no longer “on earth.” Sounds okay so far, but here’s the problem.

In I JohnSt. John refers to the leaders of the church in Ephesus to whom he is most likely writing as “fathers” twice. God is the creator of life and the male-female of humanity is the image of God. We can just as easily refer to God as mother or strong tower as we can father.

Yet, I am one of the fortunate. I have an amazing father. He has modeled God’s unconditional love, grace, and covenant faithfulness to me throughout my entire life. God took my father on July24, The world is not a better place without him. We still are mourning his loss. I will NEVER call God father.

I will not worship or step foot in church. I believe God enjoys watching our pain. So many suffer here, why. I know this is the circle, however, my dad wasn’t old.

I know many of you have this blind faith. In the synoptic Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, this identity of Jesus addressing God as father is given well over times. In the Book of John, also synoptic, it is used 60 plus times.

We are taught in the Lord’s Prayer to use this identity of father in “Our Father ” But why. We often hear of the triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I believe the question of whether we can still call God father belongs in this context of bewilderment and confusion over male and female roles in the new world that has come to pass in the last 50 years.

Take the proposal to change the words “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost” to “Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.”. God the Father is a title given to God in various religions, most prominently in mainstream trinitarian Christianity, God the Father is regarded as the first person of the Trinity, followed by the second person, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and the third person, God the Holy Spirit.

Since the second century, Christian creeds included affirmation of belief in "God the Father. In his earthly ministry, Jesus used ‘Father’ more than any other name for God. And God has been father since before the foundations of the world were laid—in the mystery of the Trinity, he has always been Father to the Son.

Yet, too often we forget what being a father is, what fatherhood means. "What we will be learning together," says the author, "is to think in fresh, invigorating, and liberating ways about the One whom Jesus called Father and Daddy." This book will challenge you to venture close into a firsthand, personal, daily walk with God your Father.

Oh God, the cry of our hearts is that we might learn to call you Father. God the Holy Spirit descends on God the Son while the Father proclaims His pleasure in the Son. Matthew and 2 Corinthians also speak of three distinct Persons in the Trinity. God the Father is a Person with a mind (Isaiah –9), emotions (Psalm ), and a will (1 Peter ).

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. (1 John ) All true worship begins with our adoption. All prayer, all praise, all singing — all of our relating to God — begins with being able to come to him as his children. That’s what Jesus won for us.

That was then. This is now. We can change all that. The Old Testament refers to God as Father – From paragraph of the Catechism: Many religions invoke God as “Father”.

The deity is. The Catechism makes clear that is the title that God has revealed to us. Indeed, a special title that we would not have known of, if it had not been revealed.” The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us: We can invoke God as ‘Father’ because he is revealed to us by his Son become man and because his Spirit makes him known to us.

1. We can talk to God like a child talks to its father. ‘The Spirit calls out, “Abba, Father” ’ (Galatians ). The Spirit gives us the confidence to address God as our Father. We’ve a number of friends who have adopted children. And it’s always a special moment when the adopted child starts calling them ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’.

No, we don't have to call God 'Father.' Throughout the Bible God is addressed by a wide variety of names including Rock, El Shaddai, God, Lord, and so on. Certainly, Father is a valid name and image for God, but it isn't always the most appropriate, especially in public worship.

God's Spirit doesn't make us slaves who are afraid of him. Instead, we become his children and call him our Father. Good News Translation For the Spirit that God has given you does not make you slaves and cause you to be afraid; instead, the Spirit makes you God's children, and by the Spirit's power we cry out to God, "Father.

my Father!". This is why Paul refers to "the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Rom ; 2 Cor ; ). It is through the work of Christ that God invites us to call him "Abba, Father." It is through Christ that grace and peace have resulted and we have become God's children (Rom ; 1 Peter ; 1 John ).

If we call God Father because human fathers do such things, why not call God Mother because human mothers do these things as well. No doubt, as CCC no. states, "God�s parental tenderness can also be expressed by the image of motherhood, which emphasizes God�s immanence, the intimacy between Creator and creature.".

Most Christians are familiar with referring to God as Father, but can we call God “Mother”. Many places in the Bible and Christian tradition as well as theological voices answer this question affirmatively: God can be referred to as “Mother.” In fact, every recent pope since John Paul I has made some reference to the value of.

We call God “Father” not because men are made in the image of God, but rather because that is the revelation given to us in Christ. The belief in the image of God in humanity begins in the Hebrew scriptures (not in Christianity), but the people of the Old Covenant did not address God as their “Father” because this was not the revelation.

Why do we call God by the title “Father”. Names of God. Christians universally refer to God as Father. One of the earliest prayers I learned was the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus said, “Pray like this, Our Father in heaven ” So I do. We refer to the Trinity as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

It’s hard not to associate the word Father with God. While God is called many other names, "Father" is one that stands the test of time.

As cultures change and the world progresses, Catholicism still clings to calling God, “Father.”. God is addressing his SON when he says ”thy throne, O GOD.”, and if God the Father can call his son GOD, then so can Greek text allows for a couple of alternative ways to understand the text; ”God is your throne for ever and ever ” or ”Your throne God, is for ever and ever The world’s Bible translators and Greek scholars have chosen the last alternative for good.

Is God calling me. You can know if God is calling you. Responding to God’s calling is a lifelong commitment. “No one can come to Me unless ” Earlier in His ministry, Jesus explained, “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws [calls or invites] him” (John ).

When we call God Our Parent (as Jesus did) we are claiming that God experiences the depth of the parent-child relationship at the core of human families, and God loves us like a parent does a child.

This is part of what our God declares in Genesis by “making humankind in our image” (Gen ); being in relationship is at the core of who God.Still, we long to hear his words, “Well done, my good and faithful child.” For those of us who’ve received the blessing of an incredible father or kids of our own, the struggle is no less real.I’ll never be like my dad,” we lament.

And, still, we long to hear him speak over .How can we know God as our Father? In the Muslim tradition, there are 99 names of God. Not one of these names refers to Allah as Father. In fact, the Qur'an teaches that Allah is the Mighty () and Most Holy (; ) but does not mention Allah in a familial-type relationship as in Christianity.

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